More than just a drink! Atoles are a symbol of Mexican culture, tradition and community.


The goal of this website is to bring the joy and beauty of atoles to people around the world.  Drinking an atole means stopping for a minute, enjoying the moment and introspecting. 

Through our informative and entertaining blog articles, we aim to share the history, production and importance of atole while inspiring our readers to try this delicious drink for themselves. We also want to highlight the diversity of atoles and showcase the many different flavors and variants that exist.

What is it?

"Atole is not a beverage, but a food"

Atole is a traditional drink from Mexico that has been made and enjoyed by indigenous people for centuries. It consists of a mixture of corn flour, cocoa and other ingredients and is known for its creamy texture and delicious taste.

Our website offers a wide range of informative blog articles about atoles. We’ll introduce you to the history of atole and their cultural significance, explain the different ingredients and flavors of atoles and give you tips on how to prepare atoles at home. Whether you already know and love atole or want to try it for the first time, our website is the perfect place to learn all about this delicious drink.

Fans say

Through this website I got to know - and love - atole. I recommend everyone to try this delicious drink for themselves.
Claudia Taylor
Atole is divers, delicious and rich in flavour. There is something for every taste!
Winston Oliver


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